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OneDay LiveOneDay is not just a worship compilation; it's a way of life. Grounded in humility and unity, the Passion movement grew in both physical and spiritual influence when prominent worship leaders worldwide came together on May 20th, 2000. Like priests calling an assembly, they and other spiritual leaders drew 50,000 college students to this non-stop, outdoor, eight-hour time of worship and prayer. All 480 minutes wouldn't fit on a CD, but the OneDay Live recording surges with heavenly power, as early as Chris Tomlin's opener "The Noise We Make." With lots of shouting and urging the crowd to join ("Everybody dance!"), Chris gives his all and still has more left for later on in the CD. Taking a popular anthem from delirious?, Charlie Hall enjoins everyone to "Shout to the North" that "Jesus is saviour to all ~ He's Lord of heaven and earth," with a rolling drum beat behind the potent vocals. Matt Redman unifies worshippers from around the world in his now-classic song, "Let My Words be Few," leading all to stand in awe of God's presence. OneDay's theme, the Redman classic "Better is One Day," concentrates the crowd in a refrain of the ages, heightened by the smooth background vocals of Darwin Hobbs. Showcasing another ministry synonymous with Passion, Watermark's Christy Nockels worships that "Grace Flows Down" in this beautiful picturesque, graceful melody from the recent All Things New album. An epic, ten-minute recording, Chris Tomlin returns for "You Are My King" which is mostly instrumental as the producer, Nathan Nockels (the other half of Watermark), mixes in the moving, God-magnifying words from OneDay speaker Louie Giglio and others. A repeat of "If the Son has set you free ~ You are free indeed," starts spontaneously, eventually going into the chorus, "Amazing love, how can it be ~ That You, my King, would die for me?" Dramatic, life-changing stuff only the Holy Spirit could produce. After Passion founder Giglio prays that the college students would be the 268 Generation (from Isaiah 26:8, those who "wait, desire and remember God's name), the massive crowd shifts their songs to "We Fall Down," a classic given new energy by leader Chris Tomlin's innovation of teaching the masses the words in the native language of Botswana. Following that rare experience, Charlie Hall cries for "Salvation," a drum-looped and edgy shout for God to fill us with His will. Igniting college campuses nationwide, the Passion Tour Band leads the next track, "One Pure and Holy Passion," a mid-tempo longing for God to "Lead me on and I will run after You." Steve Fee then joins them for the medley "Kindness/Give Us Clean Hands," whose lyrics include the apt and never-outworn statement, "Your love is better than life." Now a mainstay in so many churches, "Breathe" speaks of God as out oxygen, and is heard so awesomely rendered by Christy Nockels and these desperate, hungry worshipers. Synergetic, global praise happens in the closer "America," where Britain's songwriter Matt Redman and soon-to-debut American leader Chris Tomlin sing, "Can you feel the fire ~ Can you see the wind ~ It's blowing through ~ It's coming to America again." Hearing this holy army of thousands, and Redman's prophetic question "Oh, God could this be ~ The land of the free?" leaves no doubt that God has big plans for this generation. More than capturing a powerful day of worship, OneDay Live instills a fire and excitement for worship in listeners through overpowering lyrics and energy.
- Dan Ficker and Josh M. Shepherd
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