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Better Is One Day - Click to view!The fervor and powerful worship of this band shows that Passion is an awesome ministry. This collaboration of worship artists is geared towards college students, although the music and the message reach far beyond. Within the first seconds of the CD, the fervor of the Holy Spirit and the energy of 11,000 students can be felt. Opening with a powerful song penned by worship leader Charlie Hall, the "Freedom Song" begins with acoustic guitar and the clap of the crowd, and swells to the simple phrase "in Your presence we're free" and tells of all the freedom found in Christ. The worship then bursts into their rendition of "I've Found Jesus", penned by delirious?, which, although short, makes sure the listener is dancing all over the place. Another worship classic, David Ruis' "You're Worthy of My Praise" flows with a pounding beat and beautiful vocals.

Starting the first set of more worshipful tunes, the piano is featured on an original song, "You Are My King". With the beautiful vocals of Watermark singer Christy Nockels (with her husband Nathan on the guitar) and the chorus, "Amazing Love, how can it be ~ That You, my King, would die for me? ~ Amazing Love, I know it's true ~ It's my joy to honor you ~ In all I do ~ I honor You ~ You are my King." "To Speak Your Name" features the vocals and music of Vertical Music artist Jami Smith, and ends with the repeating anthem, "We cry out ~ In worship to You." Ending this set of slower tracks, "Knowing You" has a tribal beat and great harmony in the vocals, telling, "Knowing You, Jesus, Knowing You ~ There is no greater thing."

Speeding things up a lot, this Passion song opens with a catchy electric guitar. "Be Glorified" yearns for God to "Be glorified in Me" and climaxes in the bridge, shouting that phrase out to God. "Glorify" features excellent percussion and lots of electric guitar, asking God to fill us with His passion and His Holy Spirit. Almost copying Matt Redman's version, "Let Everything That Has Breath" asks everyone to praise God.

The last three songs make up the best set on the disc, with intimate worship to the Father. It opens with the tribal beat of Matt Redman's "Better is One Day", a theme which Passion has adopted for their upcoming OneDay 2000 event. Stretching eight and a half minutes, Michael W. Smith's worship megahit begins as a whisper and climaxes in the words, "You are holy." "Agnus Dei" just keeps going, in spontaneous worship and beautiful harmony, with the words of Charlie Hall: "Worthy to receive Honor and Power and Majesty and Glory, forever and ever" and ending in the crowd singing a cappella with the leaders. Matt Redman also has the last song, the anthem of the year, "The Heart of Worship". Acoustic guitar and vocals from Christy Nockels, as well as excellent drums, show that it is not about the beautiful music, which draws the listener in, but more importantly, "It's all about You, Jesus." This disc draws the listener into a desire for passion, desire for the Holy Spirit to fill our lives and a desire for us to just worship Him and give glory to God in everything.
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