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Darrell Evans
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FREEDOM (1998)
Freedom - Click to view! From the church pew to CCM's top 20, everyone's hearing the sound of revival, renewal and passion ~ the new wave of progressive worship that is sweeping the world by storm. Undisputedly one of the founders and leaders of this movement is Darrell Evans, a gifted songwriter who debuted on the 1995 Hosanna! release Let the River Flow. Now, a year after his Vertical Music sophomore release You Are I Am comes Freedom, which give us more of the glorious same. Opening with the infectious melody "Trading My Sorrows (Yes, Lord)," Freedom attempts to show us what worship is all about ~ not us gaining our personal freedom, but denying our flesh and gaining true freedom found only in Jesus Christ. "So Good To Me" continues in the spirit of celebration, a song of thanksgiving for all God has done and our response to Him, "You've got me dancing, and now I'm shouting ~ You've got me leaping, and now I'm spinning hallelujah." While it is a singable melody and has some great percussion, the title cut is somewhat repetitious and somewhat freedom focused rather than God-focused. My point is that we're not to idolize worship in and of itself, but rather direct it to God. Just a thought. Undoubtedly my favorite cut, "I Am In Love with You" is such a beautiful acoustic offering of worship, with redemption, surrender and passion as its theme. Other highlights include "You Are My Portion" "I Know" and "You Bless Me," all of which are soaked in melody, Truth and passion, all waiting for expectant worshippers to sing and dance as God's presence fills your heart.
- Josh M. Shepherd
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