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Darrell Evans
[ let the river flow ]


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Let The River Flow Hosanna! Music has long been known for its contemporary sounding praise that has become quite popular in recent years. Let the River Flow, Hosanna's long overdue first acoustic recording, features worship leader Darrell Evans, who wrote or co-wrote each of the album's 12 incredible songs. Evans' fresh acoustic-driven sound is evident on "New Song Arisin'," as well as "We Will Embrace Your Move" and "Spirit of Revival" all of which express awe at the many new revivals God is pouring down on His people. The title cut, "Let the River Flow," is a cry of longing for God to send down His River of peace-- "Let the blind man say I can see again ~ Let the dead man say I am born again ~ Let the River flow ~ Holy Spirit, come ~ Move in power." Many of the melodies on Let the River Flow express our overwhelming need to embrace Jesus as our Savior in every part of our life. This theme is seen most clearly in these lines from "You Are I Am": "If You are the mountain, I am the climber ~ If You are the ocean, I am the diver." Poetic lyrics such as this are abundant in Darrell Evans's songs. But the words aren't all that's good about this incredible project. Evans's acoustic guitar and strong voice are supported by talented keyboards, drums, percussion, bass, electric guitar, mandolin and a host of backup singers. I always have a favorite on every album and "My God Reigns" is definitely the epitome of this album, with its awesome chorus, good melody and rhythmic acoustic instrumentation. This album's strength lies in the fact that one anointed worship leader wrote every song and led worship.
- Josh M. Shepherd
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