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Desecration - Click to view! DESECRATION (2001)
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The Mark - Click to view!
THE MARK (2000)
Left Behind and its sequels will always have literary critics using terms like "shock fiction" or "middling propaganda" to describe the publishing phenomenon. As always, it's the fans that know best, and this series has kept the interest of millions, from journalists at amazon.com to pre -teen thrill seekers. Indeed, presenting the events of Revelation as if they happened in present-day surroundings has forced many thousands to seek a more eternal footing for their lives. The Mark is a formula book, but it's a good one. You're missing out, though, if you pass up on another explosive read by Jerry Jenkins (based on Tim LaHaye's theology). Full review...

The Indwelling - Click to view!
The seventh adjoinment of LaHaye and Jenkins' closely-followed series, The Indwelling: The Beast Takes Possession reignites with the crisis and commotion characterized by the foregoing novels. Left Behind readers no longer need chapter-long introductions to familiarize themselves with where on the globe the Trib Force is—especially after a cliffhanger like Assassins. Half—if not all—the fun of it is keeping abreast of 4-5 prevalent, interconnected scenarios at once. With supervenient uproar around the globe, the undecided facing their future, and secondary characters proving their depth, The Indwelling assures that Left Behind hasn't outworn itself. Full review...

Assassins - Click to view!
As the sixth title of the increasingly visible Left Behind saga, Assassins hurtles the ever-fluctuating Tribulation Force--and hardcore readers of the eventually eight book series--to the halfway point in God's consuming judgment on a world struggling to survive. By now, the main characters are firmly set in their roles; Buck, the observing reporter even now unafraid to take risks to get "the story"; Rayford, the strong-as-steel leader; Tsion, the enlightening, impassioned expounder of Truth; and Chloe, the supportive, concerned mother of 14 month-old Kenny Bruce. Yet when a part seems too predictable is always when authors are ready to shake up the stereotype. Full review...

Apollyon - Click to view!
The fifth Left Behind installment left me breathless to the end, so much so that all the recent media exposure and rave reviews of Apollyon seem almost deserved. In an explosion of personal drama and international conflict, this book has a greater level of suspense than the others because of the fact the the world took sides in Soul Harvest and is gearing up for an all-out battle. While certainly a Left Behind junkie, my concern about the past two books remains with this one: the authors seem to be slowing down the story to milk the most cash and influence out of this idea. Which is really fine with me, if they can craft the same level of force and action as the latest blockbuster. Full review...

Soul Harvest - Click to view!
he fourth in Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins end times saga, Soul Harvest: The World Takes Sides opens right when a world-shattering earthquake has just occurred. Reporter/tribulation saint Buck Williams is aided by a brave Christian doctor and his hilarious pilot friend in his desperate search for his wife. Rayford Steele, the pilot for Antichrist Nicolae Carpathia, learns his wife has supposedly drowned when her plane crashes in the Tigris River. While Soul Harvest is another riveting chapter in the saga, it seems, at times, too slow and predictable; and it is absolutely criminal to end the book and leave readers hanging at such an integral part of the plot. Full review...

Nicolae - Click to view!
NICOLAE (1997)
The third in the platinum-selling Left Behind series continues the saga of the Tribulation Force: Rayford Steele, Buck Williams, their wives Amanda and Chloe (respectively), and now Dr. Tsion Ben-Judah, a Jewish Rabbi and believer in the Messiah, Jesus Christ. In Nicolae: The Rise of Antichrist, Rayford accepts an offer by Nicolae Carpathia (the fictional Antichrist) to be the pilot, of his custom-built Condor 216. Meanwhile, Now Buck is launched into a daring midnight rescue mission of Ben-Judah to get him to safety in America that will leave you breathless to the end. LaHaye and Jenkins have crafted yet another enticing end-times thriller. Full review...

Tribulation Force - Click to view!
Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins continue their end-times saga in this fast paced sequel to the bestselling Left Behind. Reporter Buck Williams finds himself relocating from New York to Chicago after challenging the Antichrist's deceptive power, while pilot Rayford Steele, his daughter Chloe and pastor Bruce Barnes start a core group of believers called the Tribulation Force (along with Buck), for the purpose of standing in the gap for new believers around the world. The authors of Tribulation Force have woven together believable characters and Biblical prophecy to produce a thriller that shows the power of God's Word.. Full review...

Left Behind - Click to view!
The life of airline pilot Rayford Steele is turned upside down when millions of people disappear from every corner of the earth in one moment, including his wife and son. The world is in chaos because of the raptured drivers, pilots, business men and even emergency crew workers (who have been working full time to clear up the damage). Steele discovers the truth from the convicted associate pastor of New Hope Church, who had not been a true Christian. After hearing what the Bible said, Rayford Steele becomes a Christian and wants his confused daughter to accept Jesus as well. An absolute thriller by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins. Full review...

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