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[ The Best Takes Possession | Tim F. LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins | 2000 ]


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The Indwelling: The Best Takes Possession - Click to view!The seventh adjoinment of LaHaye and Jenkins' closely-followed series, The Indwelling: The Beast Takes Possession reignites with the crisis and commotion characterized by the foregoing novels. Left Behind readers no longer need chapter-long introductions to familiarize themselves with where on the globe the Trib Force is—especially after a cliffhanger like Assassins. Half—if not all—the fun of it is keeping abreast of 4-5 prevalent, interconnected scenarios at once. Discovering Carpathia's assailant, Buck Williams is in the Holy Land on a determined search for Chaim Rosenzweig, who has vanished under trying circumstances. Finally empty of his vengeance, fugitive Rayford Steele encounters God en route to Greece, landing to face one covert mission after another. Adjusting to being a mother, Chloe Williams stays close to home in Illinois. Coming to grips with the high stakes of running an underground goods co-op, she begins to contemplate the unthinkable when her son's life hangs in the balance. Superinduced with these is the underplot of newcomer Leah Rose, grateful at Rayford's heart change, and tracking runaway Hattie Durham, who could give away the Trib Force's location at any time. David Hassid, Anne Christopher, and Mac McCullum risk discovery as believers, as they report Fortunato's response to Nicolae's death, and the lavish funeral festivities of New Babylon. Another angle for the authors, The Indwelling is endued with a new prophetic dimension. Drawing on Joel 2's illumination that "old men shall dream dreams," Tsion Ben-Judah converses with the warrior angel Michael himself, and witnesses a beast being cast out of God's majestic throne room. Throughout plot twists and death-defying escapes, the Left Behind players avouch the power of Christ to a mad world craving peace. Their safe house is jeopardized, and a move is emminent; another comrade falls in a sacrifical plane landing; and millions observe the dark supernatual as Satan himself is indwelt in the Antichrist's possessed body. With supervenient uproar around the globe, the undecided facing their future, and secondary characters proving their depth, The Indwelling assures that Left Behind hasn't outworn itself.
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