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[ A Novel of the Earth's Last Days | Tim F. LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins | 1996 ]


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Left Behind: A Novel of the Earth's Last Days - Click to view!The life of airline pilot Rayford Steele is turned upside down when millions of people disappear from every corner of the earth in one moment, including his wife and son. The world is in chaos because of the raptured drivers, pilots, business men and even emergency crew workers (who have been working full time to clear up the damage). Steele discovers the truth from the convicted associate pastor of New Hope Church, who had not been a true Christian. After hearing what the Bible said, Rayford Steele becomes a Christian and wants his confused daughter to accept Jesus as well. Meanwhile, world famous journalist Buck Williams, who is also confused about the disappearances, goes looking for the answer behind the seemingly accidental or suicidal deaths of his nearest friends. When Buck runs into Rayford Steele, he discovers the truth about the world renown peacekeeper who every leader had greeted with open arms and the disappearances. An absolute thriller by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins. Check out the many sequels to Left Behind...
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