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Now I know news reporters are supposed to be objective, but this is one time when I would like to give my opinion. The subject of course: The Passion of the Christ. I thought The Passion as a movie was brilliant, artistic, moving and emotional.

I had a mixture of emotions throughout the movie. At points, I dreaded what was to come. I winced when Jesus was scourged and whipped, when the crown of thorns was shoved onto his head, and when he was nailed to the cross. Tears filled my eyes throughout the movie to see such a loving individual suffer so much.

The hardest emotional part of the movie was not the movie itself, however. It was my own guilt of responsibility for what happened to God's Son. This movie gave me the ability to picture what I did to Jesus. It gave me a visual image; a haunting image that will forever make me humble.

The Passion has given me more meaning in my personal relationship with Christ. I walked out with an even greater love for Jesus. I walked out with compassion and humility like none other. I walked out with a bold, true statement: Lord, please forgive me. I am sorry for what I did to you. I Love You.

I know one movie cannot change a culture, but I pray that this movie can help start a revival. I pray people realize the love that Jesus demonstrated through his death, the ultimate sacrifice. And I pray that churches can expand on the significance of the key figure in the movie, Jesus Christ, and show the world what he really stood for: Love.

The astounding, loving, incredible conclusion to The Passion: Jesus was hanging on that cross in someone else's place. Mine. Yours.
- Joshua Brown
March 2004

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