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[ violent, graphic, nauseating and…necessary? ]


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I did not want to see The Passion. Who really wants to see two hours of blood, gore and ripped skin? I couldn't last ten minutes through Saving Private Ryan. However, I went to the theater anyway, and I haven't been the same since.

I was disgusted by what I saw. It was violent, graphic and nauseating. Still, what truly disturbed me was that it was all done for me. I looked at the scratches on His face and thought of my idle words. I saw His mutilated back and remembered times I showed hate instead of love. I stared at the cross and knew that it was my sin that put Him there.

In my opinion, a lot of the controversy over The Passion is unnecessary and a scapegoat to distract from the film's message. It's not about Jews, Pontius Pilate, or the Pharisees. The point of the movie is summed up in the first frame that shows Isaiah 53:5. Jesus came to earth to die, and He did it for everyone.

I agree with the sentiments of an online movie critic who said, "How you react to [this film] depends mostly on what you take in with you." I walked in knowing Jesus as my Savior and that this film was one man's interpretation of His suffering. Thus, I was moved. Someone who knows nothing about the Bible or Jesus would walk out saying, "What in the world was that?" I can only hope that "The Passion" inspires those in the faith and prompts non-believers to ask the right questions that lead to the truth.
- Jennifer Jones
March 2004

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