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Kevin Max is late, but as I swivel in my padded chair I'm perfectly content to wait. My perch on the backstage balcony gives me a unique look at the inner workings of New Hampshire's Soulfest, not to mention an excellent view of the sound check that's keeping Kevin from our interview. Best known as a member of the phenomenal dc Talk trio, news of KMAX has been scarce (at best) since he and his friends Toby Mac and Michael Tait took an "intermission" from the group to pursue solo ventures. I'm excited to get a chance to catch up with the poetic artist, and hope I can glean some information about his upcoming CDs. Full Interview...

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cMW: So last year at this time, we all were awaiting the release of a CD titled Phenomenon. Now, after nearly a year delay, we know the October 5, 2004 release to be called Welcome to Diverse City. Has the main thread of the CD changed since then, or just the title?

Toby: Phenomenon was going to be the title, without a doubt. And I was working diligently to finish it. What happened was I just kept touring and not taking the time to make a record. On Momentum, I did a dc Talk solo tour, a Momentum tour with John Reuben and Out of Eden, I made it to Festival Con Dios, I was with Kirk Franklin and then Third Day. And I did three years of summer festivals. Full Interview...

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cMusicWeb.com: You were invited to tour earlier in the summer with guitar legend Santana. How was that, and is there anything that might happen beyond that?
Micheal Tait: Carlos and I have talked. He liked my latest record Lose This Life. He invited me out to hang out in California. It was an amazing time. Great artist. The European tour did not happen for various reasons. A big one obviously is conflicts with Tait's schedule and stuff. Some people thought I was crazy thinking, "You have Carlos Santana or Tait, which one are you going to take?" And I am thinking, "Let me think about that one really hard... Oh, it's Tait." You know, I missed a great opportunity but who knows what will happen in the future. It has been cool. The fact that he liked our music and saw it as a viable artistic expression — I'm beyond stoked. Full Interview...

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