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A Beautiful Glow - Click to view!Brilliant, masterful, unforgettable: all words used to describe one of Christian music's most unique bands, The Rock `N' Roll Worship Circus. For their second major release, they fuse ten wonderful songs into one impressive album. A Beautiful Glow contains songs from numerous genres, and its uniqueness stands out amongst other worship recordings.

The title track is one of the album's more upbeat selections, with deep and meaningful moral value. Throughout the song, there are moments that Gabriel Wilson (lead singer) speaks of dedicating our lives to the Lord, knowing we can never find satisfaction in anyone or anything else: "I have never known a Love so true / and I could never give my heart away / to anyone but You."

The fourth song from A Beautiful Glow is "Gift of Cool." This almost completely spoken track, based on a revival that hit their church in Washington, is about how tremendous it would be to see every type of young person turn to Christ: "You had almost every different kind of kid / from every different kind of social background / taking all the cool they had and praising God / as He spun them around." Later in the song occurs the best line: "We are breaking all the rules by praising God with your gift of cool." The rhythm and tempo fits perfectly with the deep-rooted meaning.

The single problem I have with this album is the ballad "Scary Drifter." The eeriness honestly spooks me. Haunting vocals and instrumental groaning engulf and drag you into a semi-trance. Blurr (the low-end section of the band) continues her back-up vocals on the chorus: "With all of our voices singing / glory to the Holy Lamb of God / the earth will shake, nations tremble / mountains melt, before our God / living creatures will proclaim glory to the Holy Lamb of God." The gravity of the chorus spawns images of the rapture and how total carnage will ensue, and everyone and everything will declare the name of the Lord.

Since the Worship Circus's last release in 2001, the band's sound has matured and their lyrics have transformed into songs with much more meaning and clarity. This newest release stands apart from many simplistic worship CD's. The Worship Circus is headed in the right direction, and it will be intriguing to see how they can top this stupendous album.
- Ashley Nier
October 2003
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