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Enter the Worship Circle
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Second Circle - Click to view!When Enter the Worship Circle came out in 1999, we were given a taste of heavenly worship. Its new sound was unspoiled by pretensions of "high art," or by any pressing studio managers who were seeking monies. It was a gathering of a few of God's children who strung their guitars with their heartstrings and played them to highest Heaven. They sought only the Father and the opportunity to worship Him with all that they had. Two years later the music is still playing, and the heart cry is still the same, though the lineup has changed a bit. In Enter the Worship Circle: Second Circle Waterdeep is absent, replaced by acoustic worship band Calling Cedars, Will Hunt from Apt. Core, Mary Luker, and Sarah Stewart of Volatile Blue. This change is bittersweet- Waterdeep is missed, but 100 Portraits remain, and the newcomers keep things rolling with the same feeling.

"I Will Bow," "Always Beautiful," and "Near to you" form the perfect triad to open the album. The spirit of worship falls heavy from these songs, and it's near impossible to resist the invitation to praise the Father. It is songs like these that make this series so appealing. Honest worship is always such a pleasure.

Websites, interviews, and even the CD packaging claimed that there was going to be "sounds of India" laced throughout this album, but only in "The Lost Art of Living" is this influence clearly heard. It is quite possibly the best song on this album, giving an intense, passionate, moody look at Christ's crucifixion, and what happened when Jesus gave His life. "The cross neither jewelry, nor icon, nor charm, the cross held a lover who died in my arms… The lost art of living was found again, when the cross became loving and Christ became friend." Only simple percussion backs up the spectral vocals, and the effect is absolutely gorgeous.

"I Cannot Hide My Love" is the joyful tune that wraps up this Circle. They run through the chorus a few times and then just jam out for 5+ minutes. It feels as though this song is the epitome of all that this album is made to represent. "Holy Spirit I need your touch more than ever before. Oh Jesus I need your love and I'm desperate for more." The joy of praising God is found, and not one ounce of it is wasted.

In an age when worship albums are being spit out by the hundreds, it is such a breath of fresh air to have an album that goes back to what worship is meant to be: A relationship between Christ and His Beloved. It is beyond price, beyond description, and beyond anything this world has ever even thought of offering. Enter the Worship Circle: Second Circle is truly a blessing from the heart of God.
- Melissa Miles
October 2002
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