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This powerful night of worship did not begin as most nights of worship do, but of course Passion is always different. It started with the words, "Yes Lord" on the video screen and people reciting the Passion scripture, Isaiah 26:8, which is the theme of Passion. Then, some funky music recorded to go with the video came on and the video screen showed brightly colored scenery with words that describe God on them. Then the worship began!

Charlie Hall lead us in a very simple song to start it out, which moved into spontaneous worship and then into "Glorify." This song started out with just Charlie and the guitar, but by the end the whole band was playing and we were shouting "Glorify Your Name." The worship continued with rousing renditions of "I've Found Jesus" and "Freedom Song," among many others. Speaker Louie Giglio welcomed us to the evening, introducing the band and saying, "This isn't a concert" then laughing an almost evil laugh. "It's much more than a concert." He also made some jokes about how cold it was up here in Minnesota, and began to talk a little about OneDay, including saying that all we have to do to get to OneDay is kayak down the Mississippi River (if there's no ice on it in May)! He lead us into prayer for our schools, campuses and churches, and then the music began again. They lead us in "Agnus Dei", "Let Everything that Has Breath", and many others, at one part just repeatedly singing "We must decrease ~ You must increase". Watermark played their version of "Jesus, Lover of My Soul", and Christy Nockels sang awesome vocals all through the concert.

Louie then returned and gave us "The Message" (as some people call them), which included a long, funny analogy about the Atlanta Braves in the playoffs. He told us how this is just a taste of what God has prepared for us in heaven. Louie also showed the vision of passion and told us more about the upcoming OneDay, where college students from all over the nation are coming together outdoors to worship. We watched a funny video of two guys in an old VW Bus trying to find their way to OneDay. We were urged to give our lives more over to Jesus and we prayed for our campuses more.

Christy Nockels delivered her best vocals of the night on "Breathe," an awesome new Vineyard song. The worship ended with powerful versions of "Shout to the North," the much-loved "Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble?" and finally the awesome chorus, "Better is One Day." This is a night of worship which I will remember for a long time and I urge you to make it to OneDay if you are a college student which wants to come closer to God.
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