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Constant - Click to view! "God is constant," says Christy Nockels, asserting that "just as God and His character are constant, I want that to be true about Watermark." The release of a third album alone distinguishes this duo as a band that is here to stay. Through the title and the message on the album, they make a commitment to strive to be Constant to the Christian music industry. The other half of this duo, Nathan Nockels adds his lush instrumentation and inventive production skills to his wife's deep lyrics and astounding voice.

Despite the constancy of this work, the listener familiar with Watermark will notice a bit of a difference from the opening of the title track. Nathan decided to tone down the synthesizers and producer's tricks to deliver a more raw sound, although you may still hear the studio sounds sometimes. Opening with a strong drum loop, the title track tells of God's constant nature, and how God's heart "is full of people who will constantly be running after you." Although the buzzword is used a lot on this track, the theme is alluded to more subtly throughout the rest of the album. Hinted at in the previous track, "Seek Me" tells of the joys that are found when one finds God.

Although not as polished as some other tracks, the true heart of Watermark can be found in "Friend for Life," which asks for the flowing water of Christ to pour over them. Opening with some quiet piano, the Nockels lead us in a taste of heavenly worship, singing "Holy" in praise to God. The song swells into a choir of angels worshipping around the throne, singing the simple words of the book of Revelation, then fades out with quiet echoes of the earlier worship.

Written with renowned composer Wayne Kirkpatrick, Nathan and Christy realize, through reading Scripture, that God is so amazing that they had "No Idea" how great He is. Shifting from the relationship to God for a minute, "Made for You" talks about the marriage relationship in Watermark. Opening with a somber violin and Nathan's first ever duet with Christy, this honest track works very well as a conversation between man and wife, and a promise of fidelity to each other. This love song will probably be used in some upcoming weddings just as Steven Curtis Chapman's "I Will Be Here" has been used for years.

Going to the next step in the marriage relationship, "Noah's Song" tells about the joy of bringing up their baby boy, Noah, and the reminders of their childhood that they receive through Noah. This piano-based song also refers to Jesus' teaching of becoming "like little children," and even includes some early words of Noah at the end. "Carry You" was written in Noah's playroom and accelerates the pace, reminding their son of many simple truths, especially God's continuous presence and protection.

Ending the disc with one final duo of peaceful songs, "Remember" uses a pulsating rhythm and then switches to some simple drums, while Christy is reflecting on God's presence and love throughout her life. Much like "Who Am I?/Grace Flows Down" from their last album, "Still" finishes the album with epic proportions, quelling any merit of their own and centering their music on the only constant, God. The lush piano and calming strings help the listener to take a cue from the lyrics and use the quiet and stillness to listen to God.

Exploring the many facets of God and life in Christ, Watermark has found that there are many things that remain Constant. Musically, the work of Nathan and Christy Nockels is still being refined, although it is no doubt their