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Nichole Nordeman
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WIDE EYED (1998)
Wide Eyed - Click to view! In Christian music, it is almost impossible to find an artist who style resembles that of Nichole Nordeman. The piano-based pop music which she plays is a rare thing to find in the CCM world, but it is very nice to listen to. Somehow Nichole manages to use the piano and bass in such a way that you don't find anything missing in the music which often happens when you don't use that much guitar. And though you may think that this is not something you won't want to listen to, I think that you may be surprised.

The style of music is not the only thing which makes Wide Eyed different than other Christian music albums. Her lyrics, which Nichole herself wrote, are very heartfelt and are much like a journal which describes her thoughts. 'To Know You' describes her longing to know her Saviour more while 'Who You Are' is a reminder that God is not always who we would like him to be. Her "journal" continues with 'Anyway' which marvels at the fact that God calls us beautiful even though we are sinful. 'Is it Any Wonder' wonders how we can be surprised at the state of our society when all our young people are taught is junk. The album is smoothly ended with 'River God', a song reflecting on God smoothes our souls like water smoothes stones. The piano and string arrangements leave you wanting more of the song.

Even though the album hops from one thought to another it is all tied together by one thing: The fact that each of these songs reveal to us something about God and how he works through people. Personally, I believe that this album has helped me in my walk with God. Some of the songs on this album have described struggles that I have gone through. Other songs remind me that God is always there even if it feels like I am all alone. I have not gotten tired of this album yet and I'm sure that it will be a long time in the future if I ever do.
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