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Live at the Door - Click to view! LIVE AT THE DOOR (2003)
My first thoughts upon receiving a copy of Ms. Nordeman's Live at the Door were something like, "What, only eight songs?" I suppose recording a live album with only three studio recordings under your belt would limit your material enough already, but really? Thankfully, my worst fears about the seemingly under-ambitious project were put to rest upon popping the disc into my CD player. Live at the Door's eight tracks actually span a two-day recording session at The Door, a popular venue for Christian and mainstream bands alike, in Dallas, TX. Read full review...

Woven & Spun - Click to view!
WOVEN & SPUN (2002)
In the beginning, she was Wide Eyed: a child taking in the newness of wonder and majesty in God's kingdom. Inspiration came with each new breath as the world embraced the art that poured from her fingertips. Curiosity gradually overwhelmed her, and she began to question This Mystery that we call life. Some answers came with time; others didn't, but in spite of the inquiries, God began to speak to her in an entirely different way. Now, amidst the numerous Dove nominations and several chart-topping radio singles, she is happily Woven & Spun. Read full review...

This Mystery - Click to view!
Time has left its mark on her as her questions are more mature, advanced, and balanced. It's hard to find anything to criticize on this album; at least, anything worth mentioning. Yes, Nichole is still growing in her faith; yes, Nichole is still growing musically. But it is impossible not to admire her courage and hunger she has to know her Savior more. This Mystery will take you on a journey of faith and teach you about life and the questions life has to offer. Read full review...

Wide Eyed - Click to view!
WIDE EYED (1998)
In Christian music, it is almost impossible to find an artist who style resembles that of Nichole Nordeman. The piano-based pop music which she plays is a rare thing to find in the CCM world, but it is very nice to listen to. And though you may think that this is not something you won't want to listen to, I think that you may be surprised. Her lyrics, which Nichole herself wrote, are very heartfelt and are much like a journal which describes her thoughts. Read full review...

This is the official home of Nichole on the Web. It is a relatively small site, with nice special effects, lyrics and reviews, and the latest tour dates, a message board, and other links.

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