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Margaret Becker
Jennifer Knapp
Nichole Nordeman
Rebecca St. James
Michelle Tumes

A Night in Rocketown - Click to view! HEAVEN AND EARTH: A TAPESTRY OF WORSHIP (1999)
Poignant, beautiful and lavishly orchestrated, Heaven & Earth couples the fervor of Margaret Becker, eagerness of Jennifer Knapp, substance of Nichole Nordeman, eloquence of Michelle Tumes and the alternative loveliness of Rebecca St. James for a glorification of God unlike any other. Each included artist pens and sings two of the songs—yet they trade voicing each other's songs. This, in addition to Phil Keaggy's underlying guitar throughout and John Hartley's superb production, add a unity to the disc's atmosphere. Tumes begins with "For the Glory of Your Name," lauding the Lord's precious touch and questioning, "Can we ever be the same?" The world music-styled "Whisper My Name" joys in our Creator's mere mention of us, uttered with Jennifer Knapp's unique veracity. Nichole Nordeman endeavors a more pointedly pop sound on "In Your Love," soaring in a trust that counts on truth. The last vocal contribution of Ms. Tumes, "My Dwelling Place," surrenders to Rebecca's intermittent drive; "River of Life" is an earnest cut with a determined beat. Returning to the signature suavity of Heaven, Becker delivers the averment "Jesus, Hail the Lamb." Darrell Evans-type guitar strumming finally breaks through on Ms. Nordeman's title track, a conventional A/C single taken aback at a mystery gift called grace. Intriguing folk at it's best, Knapp's second song cries for the "Ocean of Mercy" to flood my heart with a real and credible love. "Christ Before Me" is the only under par track on the disc, obnoxious for it's mispronunciation of Jesus' name. Closing the project is Rebecca's dynamic, otherworldly force entitled "As We Pray," which coalesces all the praise and flourish of the previous eight tracks for a rising, climactic forte. Unlike so any contrived recording of today, Heaven & Earth never sounds obligatory or limited, instead a pure, unvarnished standard of great love avowing the magnificent King of all.
- Josh M. Shepherd

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