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Starflyer 59
[ can't stop eating ep ]


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Can't Stop Eating EP - Click to view! Welcome to Dr. Martin's office. In the next 18 minutes we'll do our best to cure you of your disdain for pop music. I can see you roll your eyes already. What fills your mind when I mention "pop music"? Teeny-boppers dancing in tight leathers? Screaming girls groping towards the stage? Promiscuous singers and songs? Never mind those illusions: Dr. Martin has the perfect cure for you.

Can't Stop Eating is his latest five song remedy for your musical blues. "Compeating" is the first step. Guitars abound, revolving around our confused protagonist who wants to start life over again, but finds that he is being held back by those whom he loves. Dancing between visions of them and despondent plunges that promise to end everything, he seems to come out alright in the end: as the static rises and suddenly disappears, we're left with a simple "I will." Our next number is "West Coast Friendship," a laidback tune that was originally featured on Bon Voyage's maiden disk. Doleful guitars slowly dance along a line of notes, accompanying the painful thoughts of love gone bad: "Where's all of our friends? Things were better then, we never met." Dry your eyes and grab a drink, for our lessons in lost love haven't ended yet: "Happy birthday John, where has your sweetheart gone, she left today with one week's pay and a boy she calls your son." Written by Damien Jurado, "Happy Birthday John" has a deceptively light tune that accompanies the many thoughts of a man abandoned by his security. By now the despondency has infiltrated all of life, and we are placed in the middle of a desert where one man, armed with a guitar, sings about wishing for the end. But wait! Not all is hopeless: "I wanna be like Paul, it's simply that he was not afraid, he never gave up the war." "Give Up the War" (originally found on 2001's Leave Here a Stranger) doesn't resolve anything, but it does offer a distant ray of hope: there is Someone who can rescue us from our despair. You're left to ponder this thought as "Theme From Dromedary" plays its well-crafted melodies; it begins with a slow death-like pace and grows into a frenzied resurrection before fading away to silence. Begging for more, are you? I think you're cured.

As you stumble out of our office, wondering where to go, let me give you this prescription: continue your treatment of Can't Stop Eating. Trust me, you'll thank us for teaching you that there's more to pop music than a catchy radio tune and skimpy clothing. Hidden in California, Jason Martin quietly sings behind his guitar, offering you a glimpse of a musical world untasted by many, but treasured by the blessed few.
- Jason Ewert
December 2002
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