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pigeon John
[ ...is dating your sister ]


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...Is Dating Your Sister - Click to view!Sometimes life throws you a curve ball. You are a talented emcee, slowly gaining ground in the tough LA underground scene. Your crew is skilled and though you've had label struggles in the past, you are slowly climbing the ladder of success. Your style is incredibly unique, and your passion for writing music is matched by few. Yet, with all you have going for you, one piece of news will turn your world upside down: Pigeon John is Dating Your Sister. Get ready for the silliness, the emotion, and the honesty from the former member of LA Symphony.

You can always trust Pigeon John to be himself, and with this new batch of songs he digs even deeper to get personal with the listener. "High School Reunion" discusses the embarrassment of being a poor rapper as the ominous reunion approaches. "Deception" deals with John's internal battle over his calling to be an emcee. Other song topics include racial identity ("Identity Crisis"), teenage drinking ("Orange County"), and fighting against lust ("What is Love?").

The guest appearances are fewer on this sophomore effort than on his debut but they are very meaningful. Great Jason (J-Beits from LAS) contributes some fine tracks, as does the Beat Junkies' DJ Rhettmatic. The lead single, "Life Goes On," features Rhet on the beat and Abstract Rude on the mic. This track offers encouragement and perseverance to those struggling through life. Respected Californian emcees Mikah 9 and Murs bring their positive messages to "Originalz" and "2 Step" respectively.

Pigeon's ability to provide quality hooks makes each song more accessible. His half-singing, half-rapping delivery, doesn't annoy (see Nelly), instead it draws in average hip-hop fans. The tunes are cleverly crafted in a pop radio format, with two verses, a fun chorus, and a bridge. However, PJ holds this style loosely so it does not become formulaic.

The end result is an album aimed at the general market. Pigeon John shares his laughter and tears to relate with the listener. Positive messages are combined with well-known guest emcees and catchy choruses. Fans of the Cross Movement probably won't rush to buy this, but if you're looking for a Christmas gift for your little sister, consider the PJ.
- Jon Corbin
November 2003
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