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Pigeon John's quirky personality, honed both as a member of hip-hop super crew L.A. Symphony and as a solo artist, is legendary. FEED magazine, a fledgling publication (but sadly one of the only holy hip-hop rags out there) describes him as a "royal jester," and that seems to come through in our interview. Asked about L.A. Symphony's messy contract situation with Squint Entertainment (the label ran into financial troubles and LAS is trying to get out of their contract), he says, "This feels like we are in court. You got any warmer questions?" Asked earlier if they will see any money if their long-awaited follow-up to 1999's Composition #1 if it is released by Squint's new parent company, Word Entertainment, he says, "Yes, we will, Mr. Lawyer." His new solo album, due in July, is titled Pigeon John is Dating Your Sister. The prosecution rests. Read full article...

...Sings The Blues - Click to view! ...SINGS THE BLUES (2005)
It's the night before Father's Day, the house is dimly lit, my son's baby toys are strewn wildly about the living room floor. On the kitchen table I see scraps of construction paper left over from my daughter's assembly of a card, and in the faint distance I hear the sounds of soulful crooning. I quietly arise from my chair. Like a ninja I maneuver through the obstacle course of toys. Motionless, I lay in the hall for a moment. Read full review...

...Is Dating Your Sister - Click to view!
Sometimes life throws you a curve ball. You are a talented emcee, slowly gaining ground in the tough LA underground scene. Your crew is skilled and though you've had label struggles in the past, you are slowly climbing the ladder of success. Your style is incredibly unique, and your passion for writing music is matched by few. Yet, with all you have going for you, one piece of news will turn your world upside down: Pigeon John is Dating Your Sister. Read full review...

...Is Clueless - Click to view!
...IS CLUELESS (2002)
The bar is dimly lit as Pigeon John steps to the stage. Not so sharply dressed and armed only with a guitar, the crowd's response to PJ is mixed at best. John playfully banters with the crowd and between frantic shouts of "I'll die for you" and telling the crowd to shut up, the LA Symphony emcee moves into his delicate song "B." One listen to this song will give you a good idea of what the Pigeon is all about.
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The official site has all the basic info on this underground rap star.

This eclectic group of hip hop performers from LA show off their artistry and their wares, both individually and collectively.

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