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Wes King
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Common Creed - Click to view! With a heart to encourage and build the church, Wes King outlines the Common Creed all believers share--in a wonderfully delivered pop sound. King's title track is the centerpiece of these songs, many of which read like a theological commentary--and offer as much spiritual depth. "Life is Precious" tells of the importance of living life fully, while the inspirational "Love of Christ" awes at the worth God places in us--by His incomparable kindness. Track 4 is often the one song I think of when rejoicing at God's "Mercy," and it nearly approaches hard pop with it's mix of upbeat electric, drums and acoustic riffs. The simple melody "Fisher of Men" describes becoming a disciple as laying down your nets and life, while still hoping, being bold and meek. Much of Common Creed tracks this deep, paradoxical thought and the strings, acoustic and occasional musical intensity do make this listenable. Rhythmic strumming begins a first-person narrative of the events surrounding "Lazarus," a song that calls for us to live again and come outside of the church's four walls. While still wanting musical tension to duel with the dynamic lyrics, "Hold On" and "Salt of the Earth" are solid pop cuts that are as fresh the hundredth time through as the first. The detailed linear notes shed light on the inspiration for "He's the One," as Dr. Larry Crabb is quoted as saying "I am not the point, He is. I exist for Him, He does not exist for me."--thus the declaration of Jesus as the true Messiah (where the bass of Jimmie Lee Sloas again is proved a strength of the CD). A challenge to our apathetic response to the Word is seen in the closer, as it recounts the wonders accomplished at God's command and asks "Do You Tremble?" Only ever so often an artist realizes their potential; if only the heart and soul King poured into Common Creed evident on his new project. We still have this jewel of a CD to listen to.
- Josh M. Shepherd
April 1999
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