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[ Timothy Zahn | 1992 ]


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Dark Force Rising - Click to view!The fictionist who's written a staggering 800,000 words in the Star Wars universe retaliates with Dark Force Rising, the second volume in the trailblazing Thrawn Trilogy. It canvasses atypical facets of the saga's adventurers and occurrences, adding human struggle to the alien landscape. After regrouping subsequent to the Battle of Sluis Van, Luke, Han, and Leia follow individual leads to defend Admiral Ackbar's integrity against baseless arraignments and upbuild the fledgling New Republic.

A follow-through on a promise made in the previous Thrawn book, Leia Organa Solo accompanies a Noghri commando to his isolated homeworld, vying to wrest away their Imperial loyalties and give them freedom. Inseparable Han Solo, Lando Calrissian, and Chewbecca gamble not with credits, but their lives on an evidence hunt seeking the perpetrator of illegalities attributed to Ackbar. Jedi Skywalker fronts a morbid challenge in the form of insane dark master Joruus C'baoth, an unstable clone whose condescension and severity rouse Luke to the man's allegiance. Subplots tangle the action and plot progression into a complex, suspenseful work of guile and idealism.

The novel is centered on the long-sought Katana Fleet--an abandoned armada of Dreadnaughts whose discovery could mean victory for either side in the looming Empire/Republic affray. Runagate Talon Karrde is liberated from Imperial interrogation in a narrow, frantic attempt by Skywalker and Karrde's associate Mara Jade, whose checkered past and caustic bearing are all the more forefront in this book. A cosmic sequence of moments has Luke, Han, and Lando fighting time--and half the entire Imperial navy--as they hotwire the Katana leadship and abet Rogue Squadron in their most heated attack yet. Like the film Episode V--Empire Strikes Back, Dark Force Rising terminates on a disconcerting revelation, orbiting the ultimate resolution of this thoroughgoing series.
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