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Relient K - Keepin' It RealA couple of hours before their set which closed Friday night, I sat down with a couple other media people and had a nice chat with the members of Relient K. Here is what I asked:

cMUSICWEB.COM: What do you think of the categorization of "mainstream" versus "Christian" music?

MATT THIESSEN: I think it's a necessary evil. Most people, especially guys in bands that I know, and they are like, "You know, I wish there was no such thing as Christian music. Why do you have to separate it? Why can't it all be just one music because we are all the same, we are all just as good as everyone else, you know." I think the reason why it is important for us to have Christian music is mostly because some people like to know for sure what is safe. Safety needs to have a label. I think the fact that a mom can walk into a Christian bookstore and know that whatever she picks up is not going to have any expletive words in it, and stuff like that. I think it is the peace of mind that Christian music offers. I just think music is cool in general, like there are some general market bands that definitely sing about things that help people out. They sing about positive things. I know a lot of bands that I like that aren't Christian bands and they help me out sometimes when I am going through some stuff.

Relient K - Bringin' It LivecMW: I have heard some people think your songs are all funny, and there is no seriousness to them. What would you say to that?

Matt: I think the people should listen to all of the songs. We are kind of a weird band because some bands have this subject matter and it is real consistent. We are not like that. We either write about something completely off the wall that doesn't pertain to anything, or we write about something that applies to us, something that is serious, something that is of spiritual consequence. I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. It works for me personally. I am happy with the way with the two different categories of songs, and it fits the band a little bit. And the fans don't seem to care. So, we are a weird sort of Jekyll and Hyde type of band.

cMW: Have you started a new album?

Matt: Yes. I finished all the stuff yesterday. We are going to mix it next week, but it won't come out until March. But, we are going on tour in September, October and half of November with Bleach and Philmore. During that tour we are going to have an EP on the road with us, and it is going to have six or seven songs on it, and like three of them are not even going to be on any other record, so it is going to be cool. We are going to have some new stuff on it, but the record won't come out until March. The EP will be available at the concerts, and we hope it can be made available at the website. It will be a cheap way to let kids here some new stuff. It is called the "Limited Addition."
- Kim Flanders
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