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Paul Coleman Trio - 'Say Cheese!'cMW: You have traveled with Third Day, have you learned anything musically and spiritually from traveling with Third Day, or vice versa?

PAUL COLMAN: I found it just amazing. I mean, those guys really inspired me by the way they looked after us. From Australia, from that far away over the Pacific Ocean, we had heard a whole lot of horror stories about being the opening band on a big tour like that. None of them proved to be true. We heard all sorts of things about not being given any sound checks, and being treated like dirt and stuff like that. But Third Day really looked after us. The thing that really proved it to me was when they used their emailing list of however many thousand people to promote our album release. I have never heard of a band doing that before in all of my life, let alone a band that is as big and is as popular as Third Day really taking us under their wings. They saw something in us and what we are trying to portray to our audiences and thought, "Let's try to give them the leg up, let's try to help them out." And that is so much like Jesus to me.

Grant: Jesus said in John 15, "this is how the world will know you are my disciples, for the love you have for each other." And that's how we know they are His disciples, for the love they have shown us.

Paul: I think musically they are very different from us, but I think we were really inspired to rehearse more. They are a pretty tight band.

- Kim Flanders
September 2002
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