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Though it was difficult, I made an attempt to evade the radio talk shows, to dodge the email forwards, to avoid the television interviews, and to escape the magazine articles until after I had seen the movie. I couldn't keep it all away, but I managed to avoid most of the hype that preceded the movie.

Enter a discussion at my Bible study group. We decided in January to go as a group to see the movie during opening week. It was the first time in months we were all in agreement with what to do for our monthly fellowship activity!

But as the time approached, I experienced intense spiritual warfare. I am not one to hop on over to the nearest movie theater or video rental outlet to view a violent, gory movie. In my heart, I knew that this movie would be momentous. Yet my thoughts directed me differently.

In the end, I saw the movie with my Bible study group. As the ticket taker stated the usual, "Enjoy the movie," I wondered if that was possible. I sat nearly still through the entire movie.

I have since heard accounts about how people never really realized all that Jesus had endured until they viewed the movie. I did not have the same reaction. But as a visual learner, it did help me view a clearer picture what I had studied previously in scripture. It's all there, but one must crack the Old Testament pages.

I have since allowed the media hype to permeate my world. I disagree with some opinions, while I agree with others. Though every action in the movie may not be entirely Biblically accurate, and there are some key aspects that have been missed, this movie is one that will not soon leave my thoughts.
- Kim Flanders
March 2004

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