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When the first draft of this column was sent for editing, the response was less than flattering. "Uhh…what is this?" wrote Matt McCullough. Site contributor Melissa Miles offered something like, "Don't you have better things to write about?" Most of the others on the editing panel have been silent-either too busy to read the article or too polite to say anything derogatory.

It was, you see, supposed to be an article about my addiction to American Idol. About my deliverance from the ranks who shun reality T.V. without ever having seen it, and my descent into the masses who can't get enough. I would explain my former ignorance and conclude with critiques on the performances of every single one of the finalists in Monday's show.

But reason prevailed. Miles wrote, "Why would I want to read this if I haven't seen the show?" or something of that nature. I couldn't argue. No one would. I could bicker about things like ratings and fan sites and Entertainment Tonight "Cover Stories" (evidence that I'm not alone in my obsession). But I had to consider the rest-those who, like Miles, wouldn't "give a care."

McCullough, too, suggested the column be scrapped. "Please, no, Ben. This insults your intelligence." I stopped short of telling him my intelligence didn't mind, and set off in search of other topics.

My search was less than fruitful. I found myself able to sum up my thoughts in one or two sentences. I made a chart to illustrate:
"War With Iraq"
This is bad because people will die.
"Derek Webb Leaves Caedmon's Call"
People tell me this is bad, because he was a principle songwriter.
"Stacie Orrico Hits TRL"
I'm happy for her, but sad for the readers of cmcentral.com. Robin will be beating his whole "Roaring Lambs" thing until long after it gets old.
"Squad 5-0 Signs With Capitol Records"
See above. I guess it pays to sound like the Vines.
"Relient K Scans 30,000 in One Week"
A big deal for Gotee Records, but still only good enough for #38 on the Billboard 200. Third Day's Offerings II debuted recently at #18.
"Michael W. Smith Records Album at George Lucas' Ranch"
The album is called "Worship...One More Time" and features C-3P0, Han Solo and Jar Jar Binks in an all-star choir.
"Point of Grace Commemorates 24 #1 Singles with Greatest Hits Package"
Beatles they're not.

You understand my dilemma. I'm Arnold Schwarzenegger (full of one-liners) Jay Leno (long monologue) job.

So, for lack of a better idea, this became a column about a column that never made it. As I write, however, American Idol is only half an hour away. Catch you on the message boards.
- Ben Forrest
April 2003
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