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Name: Bert Gangl
Email: bert@cmusicweb.com
Position: Contributing Reviewer
Location: Huntsville, AL
Age/Birthdate: 39 / June 24, 1964

Top Five CD's:
Freedom, White Heart
Wakened by the Wind, Susan Ashton
Tim Miner, Tim Miner
Goesaroundcomesaround, Fono
Stanley Climbfall, Lifehouse

Top Five Movies:
Star Wars
Chariots of Fire
The Right Stuff
The Breakfast Club
Toy Story

Top Five Books:
The Bible
The All Music Guide to Rock
Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby
Wild at Heart by John Eldredge
Second Wind by Dick Francis

Biggest Influences:
Favorite Bible Passage: Isaiah 26:3
If I Were A Superhero, I'd Be...
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