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You're the Voice: 40 More Days with God - Click to view!For those of you who have the first Rebecca St. James devotional (40 Days with God), this one isn't anything to go crazy over. Chances are, you'll find mostly the same subjects and topics in her new devotional as you will in her old one. Things like dating, putting others first, hard times, fasting, loneliness, consequences, purity, and compassion are discussed in You're the Voice, but most of these topics can also be found in 40 Days with God. Rebecca says, "I really enjoy the intermission part of my concerts in which I get to field questions from the crowd, but I thought another book might a good way to respond to more people. Thus, You're the Voice: 40 More Days with God was born."

Rebecca's boldness about her faith and love for her family and God are evident throughout the whole book. From church to inner beauty and counting our blessings to divorce, Rebecca speaks passionately about things that affect all of us. She uses these experiences and subjects and applies them to the Bible to see what God has to say about them.

Each devotional starts out with a journal entry from Rebecca talking about an experience or thought that she thinks is important to share with others. Then, Rebecca shares a letter from a fan or part of a conversation with someone at a concert that relates to the topic. Bible verses are shared and God even shares His opinions on the subjects. Each devotional ends with two sections called "More Time with God" and "You Talk to God". In "More Time with God", a list of scriptures are printed for you to look up and read in your Bible for further reference on the topic. "You Talk to God" is where you can answer questions about the topic and reflect on what you read in the Bible.

This is a great devotional because the topics are so relevant to what we face day by day. It is probably most "devotion-like" out of these 3 Devotionals because of the constant use of Scripture. Every devotion contains Bible verses to read, plus more that are listed towards the end of the devotional. It's obvious that God is "the voice" in Rebecca's life, and after reading this book, hopefully He'll be the one and only true voice in your life.
- Rachel Schlabach, as first appeared in ReAL Magazine

40 Days with God - Click to view! 40 DAYS WITH GOD: A DEVOTIONAL JOURNEY (1996)
The original devotional by Rebecca is 40 days of prayer and devotion with Rebecca, and also includes the God AudioVision CD, which has "God", a couple other songs, and some mulitmedia content for the computer.
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