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When God is First by Mike Hayes
[ Joshua Harris | 1997 ]


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When God is First - Click to view!Exploring the vital yet little-understood principles of tithing, Pastor Mike Hayes envisions the successful, abundant 21st-century Church that will rise up...When God is First. "Giving God the first portion breaks the curse of the destroyer from all that remains," states the 'Law of First Things' which the book centers on.

Two Old Testament stories are given new dimension and present-day currency in light of this Law: those of Abraham and Achan. The "Father of Many Nations" willingly offered Isaac to be sacrificed, as he was the son of promise; this was a prophetic "type" of God the Father giving up His only Son for the redemption of all humanity. It is an issue of trust. "Tithe is given first in faith to guarantee God that He deserves first place because of who He is, not what He provides."

The second story teaches not by example, but through a man's fall into greed. By taking gold from Jericho--the first city Israel conquered in the Promised Land--Achan violated God's law, and paid the consequences. Today, death is not our punishment, but God and His abiding principles remain unchanged. Pastor Mike's writing style is as engaging as his speaking, peppering seminary-level concepts with amusing, illustrative stories both from history and his own 20+ years of ministry. These help readers realize that When God is First is a time-tested, Biblically sound message, absolutely relevant for us today.

With so much said about atonement, "devoted things," and what not, the chapter summaries are most helpful as a study tool, cementing the key points in your mind. As composed and illuminant as this message is, it all comes down to some simple questions. Will God be given the first part of my time, priorities, and money to redeem the rest? Will He be first?
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