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[ Tommy Tenney | 1998 ]


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The God Chasers - Click to view!"Salvation is a free gift, but God's glory will cost us everything." Tommy Tenney is on a mission, and it has spread to a generation of Charismatics, Catholics, and every believer in between--those who reach for more than they can grasp, and become one of The God Chasers. They are fed up with just "playing church" and willing to do whatever it takes to know God. Founded on II Samuel 6, Matthew 15, Exodus 20, and the entire truth of God's Word, Tenney recounts that Moses, A.W. Tozer, and others throughout history had this fire; while today's church is a "vacuum of emptiness programmed so tightly we really don't leave room for the Holy Spirit." We think we know what God wants: a well-choreographed, seeker-friendly show. But, no, for Spirit-friendly is brokenness and death. Indeed, bloody sacrifice is the gist of The God Chasers, for "only dead men can see my face" (Exodus 33:20). This "suicide" of our ways and reasonings cannot be a forced act of self-will; it must be birthed out of desperate hunger, a divine dissatisfaction with "church as usual." A passion that will only be filled by intimacy, something God desire with us more than we with Him. From Adam called to in a garden, to Saul knocked off his donkey, to Jonah pursued by a storm, the Bible speaks of an eternal round of hide and seek, "If you dare to answer His call, then it is going to redefine everything you've ever done." Tenney explains there are levels of God's visitation, from the His omnipresence everywhere, to an astonishing, weighty glory. In that realm, everything falls down--sinners and saints, rich and poor, wise and foolish, young and old alike--flattened in awe of "I Am." Join The God Chasers in seeking God's face, not His hand, and gain understanding from this often uncomfortable, but always expectant treatise on serious revival.
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