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All Things New - Click to view! This husband-and wife duo has made an impressive mark on the Christian music world, it's a watermark. First, they released their self-titled CD, an excellent disc that bordered the line of pop and worship. Then, for the past couple years, they have been at the center of the Passion worship team, delivering powerful renditions of modern worship's best songs. Also, Nathan Nockels (the male part of the duo) earlier this year produced The Road to OneDay, Passion's latest CD. Now, they are back again with their second album, entitled All Things New. Truly, since their last project, their life has been made anew. They have drawn closer to God in worship, and after years of trying to have a child, they finally received their bundle of joy just after releasing this CD. That is conveyed in the first and title track: "Because of who You are and who I am in You ~ You make all things new!". The song starts with just vocals and continually crescendos to a world of atmospheric guitar and exciting drums. Beginning with an acoustic guitar and a laugh, "Mare Than You'll Ever Know" is a love song to that very special friend who has brought the author closer to God than anyone else. "Incorruptible" tells of the fact that no one is redeemed by corruptible things, only the incorruptible one, Jesus. With some beautiful piano, Christy sings "You always know ~ You always know where to find me." Bringing the tempo up again and some more atmospheric electric guitars, the duo sings of surrendering their life to God in "Good For Me." Next, the Nockels sing to their "Glory Baby," a baby which they lost in the womb, and they look forward to holding their baby in heaven. Longing for more of the Lord is an integral part of Watermark's belief, and so they song "Come and make my heart You home ~ Come and be everything I am and all I know." Speeding up again, God says, "Don't you know that I know you ~ Don't you know I know where you are ~ And all of heaven sings over you ~ Because of the depths of My love!" Putting Psalm 27 to music is the gist of the beautiful "You Are My Stronghold." Closing out the disc is the powerful song, "Who Am I?," which is mixed with a song penned by Passion: "Grace Flows Down." Acoustic guitar from Nathan backs up throughout, and Christy puzzles "Who Am I?" that God loves her and talks to her, and then the answer comes, "Grace, grace ~ God's grace." and then "Grace flows down and covers me." Every lyric and every sound that comes from your CD player while listening to this disc is inspired by God, and shows that the power of God makes All Things New.
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