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Nic Gonzales (lead vocals, guitar)
Josh Gonzales (vocals, bass)
Chris Bevins (keyboard)
Pablo Gabaldon (trumpet)
Joel Cavazos (guitar)
Jared Solis (trombone/tenor sax/alto sax)
Esteban "Chamo" Lopez (percussion)
Robert Acuña (drums)

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So Natural - Click to view! SO NATURAL (2004)
Fresh on the heels of their Dove Award-nominated live album/DVD, Worship Live, Salvador returns to the studio with a sense of purpose and still more line-up changes on their third English language release, So Natural. Like many Christian acts, the pressures of time away from home proved difficult to overcome for former members Art Gonzales (Drums), Billy Griego (Trumpet), and Elliot Torres (Percussion). Read full review...

Worship Live DVD - Click to view!
This live DVD features the same concert on the CD but in a live video format. This is also available in a CD & DVD combo pack.

Worship Live - Click to view!
In the long line of chart-topping artists that joined the pop worship train, Salvador came aboard the caboose with their latest album Worship Live. Before you groan, "Not another worship album," hear me out. This is not your typical, youth camp, acoustic guitar, regurgitation of worn-out songs. Salvador may be on the tail end of the trend, but with their energized Latin rhythms and heartfelt harmonies, they easily raise the bar. Read full review...

Con Poder - Click to view!
CON PODER (2003)
Their first Spanish-language brings their addictive Latin music skills to their native language.

Into Motion - Click to view!
Continuing their strong showing on 2000's self-titled debut, Salvador released their follow-up album, Into Motion, in 2002. Recognizing that their sound was enhanced by the horn section on the first disc, the group expanded its lineup to include full-time members Pablo Gabaldon (Trumpet) and Billy Griego (Trombone), while Adrian Lopez was replaced as keyboardist by Chris Bevins. The resulting mix of players is something to behold. Read full review...

Salvador - Click to view!
From the Afro-Cuban rhythm-infused rock of Carlos Santana to the infectious Latin dance of Miami Sound Machine, from the down-home Tex-Mex of Los Lobos to the Tejano pop of Selena, a number of Latin acts have attempted to crossover into mainstream rock and pop through the years. Sadly, this reminds me of Gerardo and his song, "Rico Suavé." But I digress. Particularly disheartening is the lack of sustained success for these crossover acts. Read full review...

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