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Norah Jones
[ come away with me ]


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Come Away With Me - Click to view!Norah Jones is remarkably modest considering all of the accolades she has garnered with her first album. The list includes 5 of the most coveted Grammys, sales beyond the scope of anything imagined, and hoards of adoring fans. She constantly spouts amazement at her success, though this tidal wave of attention and love should have been expected. Norah simply has a knack for the peaceful. Lilting notes and quiet, jazzy piano tunes take the listener to a stress-free land of perpetual twilight. No longer do the masses need to turn to sugar-coated Celine Dion for easy listening. The innocence of Norah Jones is just what the public-at-large needed/wanted, and it doesn't look like she will fall out of demand any time soon.

It's standard fare to say that track one "opens" or "begins" an album, but Come Away With Me's "Don't Know Why" does nothing more than "melt" you into the recording. Songs such as the sweet "Seven Years" and "Cold, Cold Heart" carry the mellow mood deeper into the album. "Feelin' the Same Way" tells of the wonder of day-to-day living with almost humorous lyrics from Lee Alexander: "The sun just slipped its note below my door / And I can't hide beneath my sheets / I've read the words before so now I know / The time has come again for me." The title track is the jewel in Norah's crown. One of the two songs written by Jones, the gorgeous "Come Away With Me" is a quintessential love song - "Come away with me in the night / Come away with me and I'll write you a song." The instruments on this track are so gentle and quiet that it could almost pass for an a cappella tune. The Honky-tonk "Lonestar" is the odd duck in this album. Even though Norah's hometown is a 10 minute drive from where I sit (near Dallas), it would have been far nicer to hear another jazzy tune like "I've Got to See You Again" rather than this song that would be right at home in Billy Bob's or Gilley's.

If you haven't already bought Come Away With Me, you've probably considered doing so recently. Let this be a prod for you: Go already! This timeless album is an unquestionable must-have for even the vaguest music lover.
- Melissa Miles
March 2003
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