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Inside Out - Click to view!It wasn't long ago that Nate Sallie was hitting up the basketball courts and searching for that perfect scholarship. Then, one of the most unlikely things happened and his life forever: he broke both of his ankles. Most people would take this as one of the worst events in his or her life, but for Sallie it was one of the best things to happen to him. This concentration has led to something greater than basketball: a hit CD (Inside Out), tons of fans and a spot on the Radio Disney tour.

The ten-song compilation is full of memorable songs that get you jumping and singing along. The best song is the guitar driven, title track, "Inside Out." Its chorus oozes self-worth and confidence: "You don't have to fix that dress / I like it when your hair's a mess / That's when you always look the best... I'll always see you from the inside / The inside out." The song contains the catchiest line I have recently heard about the female primping process: "guess it's really just my fate. Another Cosmo mag-a-date." "Without You" is a close second place and is on the harder-rock side and is all about life without God ("With eyes wide open / I still feel blind / And when I said I didn't need you / I was telling a lie.")

Another cut that has a great beginning is "All About You." "I talk about the day / You walked into my life and took the shame away / I talk about your love / It's more than I could dream of." It takes a slight dive at the chorus both lyrically and musically, but rebounds at the second half of the chorus and into the next verse.

The disc has its downfalls ("Whatever it Takes", "Save Me"), but they are few and far between. "Save Me" is a terrible song that goes no further than its title, and I think God will need to save the listener, more or less. The rest of the disc is so strong that he doesn't need this ballad to convey his message.

Call me sappy, but Inside Out is my newest guilty pleasure. This is one of those CDs that has just the right amount of rock and pop that you don't feel weird blasting it from your car stereo going 55 down the highway, nor do you feel awkward jumping up and down to the tunes in your bedroom on a Saturday night. Younger listeners will appreciate the comparisons in everyday life, teenage girls will fall in love with his good looks, and parents will adore the truth in his lyrics. What else can someone ask for?
- Ashley Nier
May 2004
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