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Grown - Click to view! GROWN (2004)
It's been five years since this stellar, vocal powerhouse appeared on Capitol Records. But the years have aged this artist with wisdom: the youthful wit and sarcasm that created tunes like "Supermodels" and "Perfect By Thursday" has settled into a steady maturity. Grown is the perfect title for this independent recording. Kendall Payne has developed a deeper sense of "being" and placed some of her insights into this new collection. Read full review...

Jordan's Sister - Click to view!
Kendall Payne can join the ranks of artists who have received a lot of flak from the Christian community. When her debut hit the scene, eyes began to narrow. Countless evangelicals questioned her faith, wanting to know why a Christian would write a song about abortion ("It's Not The Time"). Some youth groups avoided her completely, because a "secular" record label wouldn't sign a real Christian. Read full review...

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