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EVERMAN (2003)
Everman - Click to view!Formed in Texas and drawing members from literally halfway around the world (Hong Kong to be exact), Everman is Beatmart/BEC Records' first band. Their debut release has many top-names behind it (Todd Collins from Gotee Records and Pete Kipley, the producer behind the MercyMe hit single "I Can Only Imagine") but won't stand up to the popularity or quality of other artists that have graced the charts.

The best song on the entire record is "I Will Remember." It is actually dedication song. It doesn't dwell on the issue of death with a sluggish and depressing rhythm, but rather is driven toward moving on with life and not forgetting: "Everyone says that life goes on / I know I believe it / But I'm not pretending you're gone / and I can't leave it." While this song's message is valuable, the lyrics don't do it justice. The simplicity in not only this song, but all of them, gives the demeanor of a band that is closer to the level of novices.

One of the album's drawbacks is Everman's tendency to keep the lyrics of the faster songs so choppy and staccato that they just don't flow well. A good example is the first track, "Around." The idea of the song is acceptable, but the way they word it, and even sing it, makes it nothing more than a common, everyday sound and story: "I can see tomorrow's promise / when I look into your eyes."

Even the aforementioned song, "I Will Remember," has that staccato feel to it. It adds a sense of "country twang," if you will. Other songs that are very staccato are "Still Waiting," "Changing Me," and the record's first single, "You Are." The drum riffs that accompany the short guitar sounds are monotonous and plain. It drags the song on for what seems like an eternity. The slower songs, however, are strong songs that show Everman's true highlights.

As mentioned earlier, the slow songs are the band's true strong point. They seem to have a grasp on the slower genre. For this, Everman should stick the slower sound and almost completely do away with their upbeat style. They say that they hate to use a cliché to describe themselves, but when it comes to their faster tempo songs, they are very clichéd in lyrical choice, style and musicality. There is nothing to set them apart from the other, more popular, Christian acts. Everman is a band that I don't see making it past the die-hard fans. They just don't have what it takes to make a band, nor do they have the "it" factor so many bands strive to acquire.
- Ashley Nier
March 2004
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