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cMW: With the release of the new album, what are you most excited about people hearing?

Chuck: Ever since we have been a national band, no one has really known that we are a worship band. I am excited about people hearing that and see[ing] it for the first time. We have done three concert records with vertical lyrics, but this is an actual full out worship record. And I am excited to see people get in their car and get in their houses and to be able to experience the presence of God. I hope we can start hearing reviews of that. It's what I am excited about. Read full review...

Chuck Dennie (lead vocals, guitar)
Aaron Blanton (drums, vocals)
Charlie Goddard (lead guitar, vocals)
Ben Davis (bass, vocals)

Hold You High - Click to view! HOLD YOU HIGH (2004)
The band's first major-label worship release combines all-new worship songs with anthems like "God of Wonders".

Root - Click to view!
ROOT (2003)
The '90s will always be dear to me. It was the decade when I came of age. When I made my closest friends. When I stopped letting my mom buy my underwear. When I learned my hardest lessons. When I bought my first "real" music albums. Also birthed in the '90s were a series of compilation albums released by Much Music (the Canadian equivalent of MTV that pre-existed MTV Canada) containing the biggest hits of the year. The albums were called Big Shiny Tunes. Read full review...

These Days - Click to view!
By The Tree's sophomore label release, though made with good intentions, is not considered to be their best. (can you read: "Skip this"?)

Invade My Soul - Click to view!
Their major-label debut, Invade My Soul, brings their pop sensibilities and worshipful lyrics into the large spotlight.

Shoot Me Down - Click to view!
Though well known in the Dallas, TX area, pop/rock band By The Tree is sadly unsigned--yet still are rocking the world with their new full-length follow-up to 97's self-titled EP. Refreshing, heartfelt and acoustic, Shoot Me Down could very well be the best acoustic album of 1999. Read full review...

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