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Matchstick Men Con Artist, Thank You Very Much
Ridley Scott's Matchstick Men is a superb example of movie making and is a great story to watch unfold. While the movie is ostensibly about con artists and their scams, it follows the burgeoning relationship between one con man, Roy Waller (Nicholas Cage), and the fourteen-year-old daughter he never even knew existed. Though he admonishes his daughter that crime doesn't pay in an effort to prevent her from following in his footsteps, he seems to be doing fairly well for himself. But appearances can be deceiving.

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One Hour Photo (2002)
Featuring the genius of Robin Williams in a non-comedic role, Photo does a good job of scaring you in an unoriginal manner.

Shanghai Knights (2002)
A rather crude but entertaining buddy comedy with lots of action provided by the king of action, Jackie Chan. However, adult themes make this unsuitable for kids.

The Bourne Identity (2002)
The typical action movie with a few twists, The Bourne Identity is good for a light night of entertainment with some friends.

Ran (1985)
Based upon the Shakespearian classic King Lear, Ran explores the consequences of family break-up and parental failure. Torn by his grief and his pride, Hidetora, a family patriarch, follows a journey of pain as he reaps the crops of disappointment that he has sown.

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