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Simple Moves - Click to view! I, like Sintax the Terrific, am a sensitive man, so I appreciate it when a like-minded brother can produce art that reflects how he lives: with his heart on his sleeve. It is often said that Sintax is the most underrated member of the Deepspace 5 crew. However, that doesn't seem to matter too much to the South Carolina native. His solo album, Simple Moves, is vulnerable, honest and solid material. So from one sensitive guy to another, here's what I like about Simple Moves.

I like the weird sense of humour on this record. "Blowing Smoke," the album's opening track, is a gentle reminder to emcees not to take themselves too seriously and instead pursue humility. The chorus states: "I'm blowing smoke just saying I'm dope / But it's a joke / Hope everyone learns to poke fun at themselves." In a minute and a half, Sintax rips his crew to shreds with the humourous "Got Beef." DS5's dirty laundry is aired by the smug emcee, with Sintax stating that he could beat up the hefty DJ Dust and calls Sev Statik's T-Rat crew "tunnel rabbits." This song is a great fun for involved holy hip-hop fans. Finally, any guy who ends his album with an ABBA sing-a-long as he foolishly attempts to beatbox is okay with me.

I love skilled lyricism. This album is chock full of intriguing quotes and fascinating lines. Sintax displays, as he has in previous guest appearances, that he is in a top tier in lyrical creativity. "Starving Artist," an album gem produced by JustMe, has Sintax offering his opinion on the labelling of an emcee based on faith.
"... in an internet review / And a comment like 'he's alright for a Christian dude / Well here's a point of view / And I hope that you like / You do a good review for a dude who can't write / Just joking, 'cause cats have been cool / But if a diamond is a diamond don't qualify the jewel."
"A Mantra to Breathe To" is inspired common sense about our world and the changes that we need to make.
"Inspire your homies to be married before they score / Inspire not to score, inspire to make love / Inspire party people to find reasons not to club / Inspire a doctor to treat the soul and not the body / Inspire your daughter to be a woman and not a hottie." Each track provides something fresh that fills the soul with wisdom, laughter and something to chew on.

I love heartfelt devotion to God. As a model for other emcees of faith, Sintax is never shy about the God that he loves. "Shirt Sleeve" is a thoughtful piece produced by Dust (Mars Ill) about the things in life worth praising God for. "Ad Infinitum" features album producer Freddie Bruno on the mic as the two speak on their love of the infinite God. That track is preceded by another enjoyable Dust track "Sensational," a letter to God that curiously asks questions about Christ's earthly life. In the midst of humour and personal experience, Simple Moves directs the focus to the emcee's ultimate goal, "To walk in a way that inspires a generation / To learn to love God then chase Him."

Sintax succeeds in providing inspirational art. The one annoying feature of this album is the 11 predictable beats from Freddie Bruno. However, there are some strong submissions from other producers that create a decent variety. Underground heads take note - this album is for those that appreciate skilled lyricism not packaged in glitz and glam. Pick it up.
- Jon Corbin
September 2003
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