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White guys can't rap. It's practically a truism. Look at Fred Durst. The guy from Linkin Park. Vanilla Ice. Or me, for that matter. It's generally accepted that guys with my complexion should leave the rhymes to those who know how to do it. Like Sharlock Poems from L.A. Symphony. Bonafide and Coffee from GRITS. Even Puffy. White folks should stick to the suburbs, form boy bands or, if they feel the need to make real music, pick up a guitar or something. Read full article...

Epiphany - Click to view! EPIPHANY (2005)
The image is like the one from 8-Mile. The one you see in the trailer and early on in the movie, where Eminem's character dancing around in the bathroom and staring at himself in the mirror, trying to get his nerves under control before he hits the stage at a cramped dump of a club in the D. A voice breaks in. "Hey, yo Mana. Mana, you ready? You're on in like five minutes. I can hear 'em calling you, man. Yo, man, get your stuff, get your DJ and go kill it." Read full review...

My Own Thing - Click to view!
This indie album is going to be picked up by Tooth & Nail later this year, so get this version before Manafest blows up.

Misled Youth - Click to view!
Chris Greenwood warns his listeners to "Prepare yourself for something different" before launching into a minute long freestyle. "Freestylin'" introduces us to Manafest (aka Chris Greenwood), the skateboarding rapper from Toronto ready to bless the masses with his ministry-oriented hip-hop. While Toronto is known for its innovative and progressive hip-hop, we have yet to see anything like Greenwood.
Read full review...

Using some simple Flash techniques, Manafest has a top-notch site with all the information.

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