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In Like Flynn - Click to view! IN LIKE FLYNN (2004)
"In like the white guy from LA Symphony" doesn't really have much of a ring to it, but that may be the way you know of Flynn. Possibly you know him as the former pro skater from Indiana? Then again you might think Flynn is the used cars salesman down the road. Toss all of those pre-conceived notions out and begin your relationship with In Like Flynn, the hot new release from Flynn Adam Atkins. Read full review...

Burnt Out - Click to view!
BURNT OUT (2000)
The second disc from Flynn.

Louder - Click to view!
LOUDER (1998)
The first solo disc from any LA Symphony member, this one is a classic.

The home of Flynn's label, this site has very little on Flynn but that's all we could find besides LAS stuff.

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