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Ahmad Jones (vocals)
Tena Jones (vocals)
Gailybird (violin)
Timmy Shakes (guitars)
Dee (drums)
Phat Al (bass)

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Stereo: The Evolution of Hiprocksoul - Click to view! STEREO: THE EVOLUTION OF HIPROCKSOUL (2005)
The song "Move On", one of the standout tracks from genre-defying collective 4th Avenue Jones' album No Plan B Pt. II (2002) likely had nothing to do with the band's saga with Interscope Records, but it might as well have. Over and over was sung words that might well have become prayer in the coming years: "Don't be comin' with no drama / Don't be comin' with that." Read full review...

Hiprocksoul - Click to view!
The latest independent release from the Jones' find some big names and a bold new sound which combines hip-hop, rock, and soul into a guitar-driven whirlwind of music.

No Plan B Pt. II - Click to view!
NO PLAN B PT. II (2003)
The album that was supposed to launch them to major success in 2001 and 2002 is finally released independently. And the major-label sound shows with lots more smooth vocals from Tena as well as great R&B-styled hip-hop.

Respect - Click to view!
RESPECT (2002)
The Jones' hit the radio in 2000 with their single "Respect", but where did it ever go to? With this album full of B-sides, we find some gems that never made the final cuts. This independent record is a must-have for the fans!

No Plan B - Click to view!
NO PLAN B (2000)
Their debut featured amazing hip-hop with a full, live band. This independent release quickly garnered them fame and they were soon touring with the biggest in hip-hop.

The home of the greatest hip-hop band in the world, this slick Flash site has lots of info, sound clips, and extras for all your hiprocksoul needs.

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