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Frank Peretti
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The Visitation - Click to view! THE VISITATION (1999)
The author's greatest work by far finds the elements of his past novels--gripping action, smart dialogue, multiple perspectives, scene switching--perfected, in the process Frank Peretti going from good storyteller to truly great author in the same class with Leo Tolstoy, Pearl Buck and Ernest Hemingway. The Visitation is told through the eyes of Travis Jordan, a burn-out ex-pastor and a retired God-enthusiast with a "been there, done that, got the t-shirt" respose to churchianity. Weeping with the hopelessness of those bound in a legalistic fellowship, and reveling in the salvation God has provided us, The Visitation is sure to make you think...and reexamine your mindset. Full review...
Piercing the Darkness - Click to view! PIERCING THE DARKNESS (1989)
Sequel to the most popular and recognizable Christian fiction book of all time, Piercing the Darkness delves deeper in revealing the deception of New Age philosophy and the influence of the demonic in the real world. Weaving Biblically sound perspective on vital issues from occult involvement to proper discipline and overcoming depression, Piercing the Darkness does indeed remove the mystery of spiritual warfare and gives new fire to the power of Christ's sacrifice for us all at the Cross. Full review...
This Present Darkness - Click to view! THIS PRESENT DARKNESS (1986)
Aside from C.S. Lewis or John Bunyan, Christian fiction was unheard of in 1986, and this backwoods author pitching a "spiritual thriller" was getting on the nerves of Christian publishers nationwide. Thank God Frank Peretti persevered. This Present Darkness remains a breakthrough not only in small-town drama (a genre which only Peretti has mastered), but also in the unique action and dialogue played out in the spiritual realm. Ringing true in its spiritual insight, this landmark fiction book defeats This Present Darkness in Peretti's dynamic style. Full review...
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