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What is Your Philosophy?
Heretics/Orthodoxy - G.K. ChestertonPhilosophy is often thought a subject for the learned, a topic that normal men can't understand and shouldn't approach. Sadly, this is often the result of incomprehensible writing, writing that is understandable only to those who are used to reading it. G.K. Chesterton successfully avoids this problem, however, in Heretics and its follow-up Orthodoxy. In Heretics, Chesterton shows the problem with modern philosophies; in Orthodoxy, Chesterton explains to you his philosophy. Both are excellent books full of things that will continually resurrect themselves in your memory; both are books that will help you gain a greater understanding of how life works.
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[06/04/2002] Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. JenkinsArmageddon
[06/03/2003] Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. JenkinsLeft Standing
[06/01/2004] Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. JenkinsGlorious Appearing

all dates subject to change.
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Left Behind Series

Frank Peretti Books

Star Wars Books

The Illuminati / Larry Burkett
computer genius jeff wells exposes the deception of the one world order.

At the Crossroads / Charlie Peacock
a study in applying kingdom perspective to the Christian music industry.
Crossing the Threshold of Hope / Pope John Paul II

The God Chasers / Tommy Tenney
can we know the weight of glory and the character of God? tenney thinks so.
I Kissed Dating Goodbye / Josh Harris
harris outlines Biblical standards to commit to in guy/girl relationships.
Roaring Lambs / Bob Briner
this 'must-read` lays out the imperative of 21st century Christians in popular culture.
When God is First / Mike Hayes

You're the Voice / Rebecca St. James

Living the Questions / Carolyn Arends

The Classics
The Great Divorce / C.S. Lewis

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