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mission statement
cMusicWeb.com is a website dedicated to examining culture through the light of the Bible in the hope that we can point those who do not know Christ towards the cross, and also that we can help those who already have a saving knowledge of Christ to grow in their faith. This includes, but is not limited to, reviewing and analyzing popular music, books, and movies.

We believe that our faith in the work of Jesus Christ affects all of what we believe and say, and we aim to glorify Him in all of our writing. This leads us to promote musicians and artists, not mere entertainment acts. It is our desire to provoke music listeners to think about what they listen to, and to encourage them to support those who are true artists. Glorifying God is not limited to how we think or act, but also extends to what we listen to, making it important that we listen to music that is God-glorifying lyrically and musically.

who we are
When Dan Ficker first contacted Josh Shepherd over four years ago, he had no idea what was beginning. Dan was then running a small Christian music website, and he was contacting Josh, who was publishing a Christian music email digest, to discuss publishing Josh's reviews on his website. Their discussions led to a decision to combine their efforts and create a brand new site: Christian MusicWeb. Although their site was small and had little content, they sought to get people to think about what they were listening to. Josh and Dan wanted their readers to support musicians who were true artists instead of falling for marketing schemes and glamorized promotion.

With this foundation, Dan and Josh invited others to join them in working on their small but promising site. The first person to join them was a young and inexperienced Canadian (Vancouver, BC), Jason Ewert. Though he hadn't had much writing experience at that point, he soon began to improve with the help of Josh and others who were editing for Christian MusicWeb. A few months later, Rick Foux of Lumberton, TX, hopped on board and immediately became a key member with his inviting and often humorous writing. In the midst of these "additions", a new "version" of the site was released. This new version was a big improvement because of better organization and a more attractive design that was a hit with viewers.

All of these events helped to increase the popularity of Christian MusicWeb, and this pleased all that were involved; they were not content with standing still, however, and they begin looking for ways to solidify their foundation. After a great deal of discussion, they agreed to buy the domain name www.cMusicWeb.com so that they could expand and offer readers more. But the URL was not the only thing changing in this process. Along with a name change to cMusicWeb.com, Dan tweaked their current design to make it tighter, and new member Jon Renich contributed greatly with new cutting edge graphics to adorn the main sections of the site. And thus, in mid-2000 cMusicWeb.com was launched, and a new chapter was begun in its history.

Meanwhile, new members continued to arrive. Late in 2000, Lucas Epp, Jason Ewert's cousin and fellow Vancouverite, was added to the group, bringing with him a great deal of web design experience. Soon after a third Canadian, Ben Forrest (from Ontario), signed on and brought the news section to a higher level. In August of 2001, Melissa Miles of Dallas, TX, joined the group and has contributed reviews and also manages the tabs section. The most recent addition is Crystal Hutcheson (Florida) who has shared her thoughtful insight and inspiring quotes with the other editors for encouragement.

The time for change was approaching again, however. During early 2001, Dan sat down and produced a draft of cMusicWeb.com's current design. After many suggestions and changes, a final design was agreed upon. Dan and Lucas worked together making the new design technically sound and adding various improvements on the invisible structure of the site. Not only did these additions making surfing the site smoother, but they also made it easier to manage and update. Not all of the additions were invisible, though. The Books section was enlarged and expanded to broaden cMusicWeb.com's coverage and to encourage its viewers to read more and read wisely. Dear Q and Tablature were added to provide help in playing and understanding Christian music. Views on the News and Right Angle, two different columns, were created to help educate others both culturally and theologically.

All these elements of "Version 3" have excited cMusicWeb.com's writers, and they are all looking forward to serving you and helping you to the best of their abilities. Only time will tell if cMusicWeb.com will achieve its aim of educating and helping others, but whatever happens, its writers acknowledge that God is in control and will use all to His glory.

They acknowledge that, "We are but the clay in His hand: we just pray that we may be pottery that glorifies the Father rather than pottery which vainly attempts to glorify the clay." Amen.

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